Through individual attention, hands-on learning and a rigorous curriculum, 九游会游戏 promotes joy in learning and prepares students for a lifetime of success.


九游会游戏 初中 ClassroomHow we educate children – at every age and every level – equips them to become lifelong learners, successful professionals and responsible citizens. Because when it comes to your child’s education, “how” matters.

国家一天学校 (PK-5)

At 国家一天学校, it is immediately evident that there is a lot of active learning going on. In every corner of the school, children are absorbed in developing skills that they will need as they maneuver not only through the grades, but also throughout their lives.


儿童在 初中 gleefully participate in "noisy learning” – exploring pre-algebraic concepts, medieval Europe and the science of bridge-building through hands-on activities, and authoring their own books.

中学(6 - 8)

Depth of content continues at the 中学, where students gain a strong foundation in literature and writing, have the opportunity for accelerated studies in math, and design and carry out their own experiments. Teachers also introduce a focus on self-discipline and study skills that prepares eager students for the abundance of opportunities at the 高级学校.

高中(9 - 12)

高级学校, our students are succeeding where many college students struggle – managing their time, 准备类, asking thoughtful questions, making sophisticated observations and relating concepts across areas of study.

High School Classroom at Pittsburgh's 九游会游戏 in Fox Chapel各级, faculty members encourage students to read deeply, think expansively and pull ideas broadly. 结果? Fifth graders who are fluent in math and can explain subject-verb agreement in Spanish. Eighth graders who speak with confidence and take responsibility for their learning. Seniors who conduct reSearch alongside teachers, write effectively in all subjects and are prepared to excel at top colleges.